Unleash the Chinese market with Lean Market Entry

We help extraordinary food & Beverage brands to quickly create a proven strategy that generates profits in China.

Without confusion, huge risks, or upfront costs.

Based on the ideas that....

Money does not equal results...

You can spend as much as you want on entering China. But spending it on the wrong places is like pouring gas in the backseat and wondering why the car doesn't move! 

...So let's plan smart...

By working agile with the right components and a proven system for finding what is important we are able to teach you how to plan for a noisy market that always changes!

...Keep cost down...

This is key to put resources and effort into the right things at the right time. So we don't waste time and money on things that don't pay off. 

... Stay on target...

By removing the noise we can put lazer focus on what is really important: results! 

...And winning in the right places!

It's not about getting 1% of a big group, but getting 70% of a small group! Be the top of mind brand for one group and you will succeed over the long term!  

Heres how

Lean Approach

We work with proven methods and processes for lean market entries and marketing, keeping costs low until we know something works and then push the gas!

Experience and Academic

With a system that is relatable and scalable. Drawing from years of experience, market success stories combined with academic research and methods.

Rethinking the market

This will change the way you think about China and the way you approach the market! 
Opening you for new insights!


By having extra 1-on-1 coaching we help you understand issues and work with you to create your unique approach.

Learn, plan and do!


1.  Is there an opportunity?

This is something many should have asked and verified before going into the market. 
Knowing there is no opportunity is just as valuable, so you don't waste energy and resources in the wrong place.  

2. What would it take?

Find out what you need to know, and how to get the answers. 
In other words, what needs to be true, and what do we need to do?

3. If not now, when?

You might not be ready to enter now or you decide that now is not the time. But it's never the wrong time to find out.
Market Understanding
Get direct knowledge and a methodology on how to understand and approach a big market!
Access to
Market Specialits
Our team and community is here to help! So we will help with specific questions that you might have!
Learn how to see the world through a different cultural lens and how this will help you.
You will get access to ready to use market tools that can be used from day one.
Ready to use 
Learn to use our
ready-to-use and build your own systems to stay on top of the market. 
Tax, legal and import help
We will help you get it all in place and ready. So you can keep the focus on the important parts.
Together we will review the product through a local view. To maximize your chances.
Ready for
market Plan
You will know what to do for success in the market!
And have a action plan to get going!

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